OpenOffice Calc Recovery Software

Are you suffering from any of the below given OpenOffice Calc issues?
  • Error while Opening OpenOffice Calc application
  • Getting Different error messages while opening OpenOffice Calc files
  • Unable to fetch OpenOffice Calc data

If your answer is "Yes" then it is confirm that OpenOffice Base file gets inaccessible or corrupt due to any internal/external reasons. To solve all the issues related to OpenOffice Calc file you need a professional OpenOffice Calc Recovery Software.

broken Calc file repair

About OpenOffice Calc File Format

OpenOffice Calc is open source software for the purpose of creating spreadsheets. It is extensively used for storing group of significant details in ODS files. Any sort of ODS file corruption might turn its data to be unapproachable. Major use of spreadsheets involves creation of bulky specific data in relation to business and various projects. Therefore corruption such files could lead an organization to face heavy damage. Some common reasons for errors of ODS files are;

  • Abrupt system shut down
  • Format conversion
  • CRC error
  • Virus or Trojan attach
  • Multiple authoring associations of an .ods files
  • Storage media problems

OpenOffice Calc Recovery Software

Lost or corrupted can easily be recovered using OpenOffice Calc Recovery Software. It is a convenient utility to rescue corrupt or damaged ODS files. This powerful repair and recovery tool can successfully restores content from corrupt ODS files. It is an advanced and powerful recovery tool that restores content and data from a damaged OpenOffice Calc file (ODS).

  • Software efficiently recovers unreadable data from corrupt ODS files.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP and2000.
  • Preview of all recovered Meta-data from corrupt OpenOffice Calc files is displayed.
  • Flawlessly restores images, hyperlink, text, content, and further objects from corrupt ODS file.
  • All sizes of ODS files are instantly repaired to restore unapproachable data
  • Easily recovers cell data, tables, charts, hyperlinks, formulas, equations, graphs, images, rows, columns, UNICODE characters very precisely.
  • ODS inaccessibility because of disk corruption is also fixed including format alteration, system shutdown issues and attack of virus.

Features of OpenOffice Calc Repair Tool

Operate in safe mode: This tool conserves the structure, format, and property of recovered .ODS file. OpenOffice Calc Recovery Tool is safest, read only and non-destructive tool that uses a strong and fast repairing algorithm technique restores content and data from a damaged OpenOffice Calc file (ODS).

Recovers Inaccessible Data: This software repair tool reads and recovers even the inaccessible data and makes it available for the user in its most original form.

Quick and Accurate Recovery: Kernel for Calc is embedded with an advanced algorithm that scans the corrupt ODS file quickly to recover its data. Users can repair multiple ODS files at a time using this tool. All this makes this a quick ODS recovery tool. The recovery operation is very precise too.

Batch recovery of unlimited .ods files: With the help of this software users can recover batch ODS files in a single cycle. And the good part is that size of individual file does not matter. With this tool you can considerately reinstate a variety of files of a number of sizes in just single click. With this feature user can repair several damaged databases in approximately every circumstance.

Preview Panel: Preview of the data to be recovered could also be seen. It also offers accessibility to the preview of recovered Meta Data from corrupt OpenOffice Calc ODS files.

Easy-to-use Interface: It’s gifted with completely user-friendly interface. No external help or technical knowledge is required to retain or restore any sort lost data. This software integrates easy to use boundary for ease of understanding.

Saving in User-chosen Location: Selection of the location for saving recovered file is completely upon users. After saving data, software displays link to position where data was saved. With the help of OpenOffice Recovery software data having UNICODE characters could also be recovered.

Complete System Requirements

Basic Requirements:
  • Processor - Pentium II 400 MHz
  • Minimum 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 50 MB for Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store the recovered files
  • Operating systems - Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Steps to Repair COrrupt OpenOffice Calc File

Complete instructions on how to use and work with OpenOffice Calc Repair tool is explained below. So, just go through it once before doing it practically.